Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring via Wired and Wireless Sensors


Meet compliance standards and protect against the survival of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Maintain vaccine potency and control sample exposure to extreme climates.

Vaccine Monitoring


Hospital, Clinic & Lab


Preserve & maintain quality, and protect against bacteria or spoiled goods. Comply with health and safety regulations.

Refrigeration & Freezer


Supermarket IoT Temperature Monitoring Solution

Supermarket & Convenience Store

Smart Sensor Solution for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring in Food Production

Food Production


Environmental monitoring while transporting products thousands of miles via land, sea and air.

Radiantwatch In-transit Temperature Monitoring Solutions


IoT Solution for Cold Chain Tracking

Cold Chain Monitoring


Reduce energy consumption, eliminate raw material expiry, reduce equipment downtime and maintain high system performance.

IoT Raw Material Tracking Solution

Raw Material Monitoring

Server Room Temperature Monitoring IoT Solution

Server Room Monitoring

Building Automation

Monitor fire & safety, receive real-time alerts and be aware of the early signs of equipment failure.

Smart Building Monitoring IoT Solution

Smart Buildings

IoT Sensor Solutions for Fire, Smoke and Flood Monitoring

Fire, Smoke and Flood Monitoring

Smart City

Transform and boost infrastructure, become more sustainable and improve quality of life to meet demands of the modern city.

IoT-based temperature and humidity reporting system

Temp & Humidity reporting

IOT-based CO2 Monitoring System

CO2 monitoring

IoT-based Air Qality Monitoring System

Air quality monitoring