A Smart IoT Solution for Around-the-Clock Monitoring of Your Environment

In recent years, billions of dollars have gone into the development of Internet of Things. Industrial and IT corporations are heavily engaged in an ever-expanding race to explore new territories in the IoT sector. This innovative concept is now expected to grow into a $300 billion market by 2020. In light of such massive investments, there is a general trend towards equipping a wider variety of ordinary assets, devices or even working environments with smart technologies. Big corporations, as well as individual citizens, are beginning to appreciate the opportunities that are opened by the idea of coordinating these smart objects through an interconnected network. Accordingly, widespread efforts are put into seizing the benefits of IoT in multiple fields.

In tandem with these efforts, Radiant Sensors has endeavored to boost its IoT offerings by focusing on critical applications that could address the most immediate requirements of our clients in various sectors. Our R&D department has developed a powerful central IoT platform that works in conjunction with high-quality hardware components to provide you with reliable environmental visibility in your premises. The finished product is a robust and comprehensive package for accurate and real-time monitoring of environmental variables in different locations.

RadiantWatch™ is a ready-to-deploy and easy-to-operate solution that provides you with full visibility and control of temperature and humidity across all points on your premises. It is meant to offer a highly applicable solution to unique challenges of diverse environments. One challenge, for instance, is to control the products that must be stored within certain temperature ranges or humidity levels in supply chains. Also in production lines, people need to monitor these variables to ensure the safety of their machines. Others are concerned about energy consumption in their facilities. Networked sensors have especially emerged as a revolutionary means of energy saving in private and public buildings. In the face of such challenges, RadiantWatch™ has been developed into a flexible multipurpose solution for different missions in multiple locations, from restaurants to healthcare facilities, moving vehicles and factories.

The system’s sophisticated cloud-based platform enables continuous real-time monitoring of a multitude of sensors on computer or mobile applications. The user-friendly layout of the dashboard allows for an easy view of measurements, alerts, reports and sensor activities on the map of your facility or even a world map. The platform’s customizable Alert Setup module can be configured, based on your predefined conditions. In case there is any deviation from your preset criteria, the system will immediately notify you by email, SMS, phone call, and audible/visual siren. The platform can also keep record of temperature logs for up to five years; these records are applied in statistical operations to present you with pre-processed data and extensive reports.

As for the hardware components, our sensors and gateways are designed to meet ideal standards in accurate monitoring of environment and reliable data transmission. With its wireless rugged design, incredibly small size, and ultra-long battery life (over 5 years), RSTH-700 Temperature/Humidity Sensor is developed to address the requirements of multiple industries and diverse environments. This revolutionary product has displayed optimal sensitivity in measuring ambient temperature/humidity. RSTH-700 sensors incorporate a cutting-edge internal RF antenna to secure a very long transmission range (up to 400FT or 120m), and can transmit their powerful signals from inside of refrigerators, freezers or even trailers.

The transmitted data will then be directed to IoT Cloud through our Wi-Fi or Cellular Internet Gateways. These gateways are capable of handling countless sensors that fall within their range. RSZGW-600 Wi-Fi based gateway makes use of your facility’s existing Wi-Fi to enable the exchange of data between sensors and the RadiantWatch™ Cloud. Our Cellular gateway (RSZGW-600C) is perfect for deployment in moving vehicles or remote locations where Wi-Fi internet is not available. Using an integrated 3G/4G/LTE GPRS and a GPS tracking system, it transmits the sensor logs, captured time and GPS coordinates to the Cloud Server. Our gateways’ modular designs allow for efficient customization, based on any combination of features that are applicable in your facility.

RadiantWatch™ IoT solution is ideal for rapid deployment across many industries such as food, healthcare, oil & gas, manufacturing, building management, cold chain monitoring, and many other businesses, production lines, and construction projects. You will experience a drastic reduction in losses, and achieve new operational efficiencies while maintaining the optimum quality of products or services. In case you need to run a pilot test before full-scale implementation, we can offer you a Start-up Kit, plus one month of free monitoring. We are confident that this plug & play solution can easily be installed by anyone on your team. Our experts are here to help as well! They will configure and install this scalable solution in compliance with your demands and guidelines. We are excited to show you the power of wireless environmental monitoring.

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