Smart Temperature Monitoring Platform: Optimal Food Safety, from Farm to Table

Bacteria can be found everywhere in nature, and that includes our daily foods and drinks. Given a sufficient supply of time, moisture, nutrients (food), and favorable temperatures, they can multiply to dangerous levels and cause foodborne illness and poisoning. Food safety agencies pay most attention to time and temperature, the two major criteria that must be closely monitored in food storage. According to the United States’ Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the “danger zone” for bacterial growth is roughly 4 to 60 °C (40 to 140 °F). Foodborne microorganisms grow faster in this range, doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes¹. Therefore, perishable foods should remain below this range, or at least, they must not be kept in the danger zone for too long.

In light of these facts, those who are in charge of food storage and distribution need to monitor temperatures on a regular basis. This has turned into the most basic principle in food-handling practices. The ultimate goal here is to secure an unbroken cold chain in order to slow down pathogen growth and inhibit the subsequent food degradation. Those suppliers who need to maintain a strict cold chain regime would definitely appreciate a reliable temperature monitoring system for multiple locations and various conditions. Utilizing this system helps them ensure an uninterrupted cold chain and extend the shelf-life of their products.

RadiantWatch offers an all-encompassing IoT solution for accurate cold chain monitoring across all points of your facility(ies). Our Environmental Monitoring System provides you with a powerful logistical means of upholding firm and consistent food safety standards. The system gathers data from an unlimited number of highly sensitive RSTH-700 temperature and humidity sensors. These small and rugged sensors can be easily installed in all types of food containers, and transmit their strong signals even from inside of refrigerators. The objective here is to secure full visibility of temperatures in all sectors through an interconnected IoT network, and to make sure that storage and distribution staff comply with protocols.

A key challenge here is how to keep track of temperatures when food products are constantly on the move to several locations. Food supply chains entail many stages, from production to processing, and from distribution to sales. In many cases, products are shipped to remote locations, and therefore a major part of their journey is spent in transit. For this reason, some food suppliers would particularly favor a solution that is capable of monitoring their products during transport as well. The cellular model of our system is specifically designed to address this challenge. Together with the sensors, the system’s RSZGW-600C gateway makes a suitable package for deployment in all kinds of mobile containers en route to the intended retailers. Its built-in 3G/4G/LTE GPRS and a GPS tracking device informs you of the real-time temperature and location of your food cargo anywhere in the world.

A central software platform should also be deployed to collect and analyze field measurements, and send them back to the operators in the form of smart data. As a food industry expert, you may especially require a software suite that can instantly alert you of any exposure to “danger zone” temperatures, the length of that exposure, and its location. This information is crucial for enforcing safety measures and detecting possible failures in cooling systems. The same set of information can also be used to determine whether some products have to be withdrawn or not.

RadiantWatch IoT platform comprises an easy-to-navigate structure which has been developed to display these critical data in the most useful fashion. Its configurable alert module can be set up based on safety standards and users’ most immediate requirements. For instance, you can insert the “danger zone” range of temperatures into the system. As soon as sensor measurements fall into that range, it will automatically alert you via email, text, phone call, or audible/visual siren. Besides, the platform’s report module provides you with a recorded history of temperature logs, so that you can identify any unusual changes in temperature or humidity, and analyze the long-term performance of your storage systems.

RadiantWatch Temperature Monitoring System is a perfect solution to food safety challenges of different scales. The solution provides a simple yet smart approach to the immense and continuous task of monitoring temperatures in various locations and circumstances. This approach will realize a drastic improvement in food safety, which might be compromised due to different reasons, such as technical failures or staff negligence. It will also help in eliminating inventory losses caused by spoiled or expired items, and of course, timely supply of fresh products with extended shelf-life will result in a boost in sales.

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