In this section, you can find answers to questions frequently asked by users of smart environmental monitoring systems.

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How does the wireless sensors send notifications?

The RadiantWatch application sends notifications to the desired contacts through SMS
or email. This feature is easily set-up through the alerts page.

Will I need to buy or replace the batteries for my wireless sensors?

Our wireless sensors include a CR2032 coin cell battery that will last for approximately 5 years.The batteries are easily replaceable in the field.

How do I pay for my products?

Products can be paid for with a credit card through our online store. You can also contact a sales representative at .

What is your return policy?

For a refund or an exchange, you would need to contact a sales representative via phone or email (). You will then receive an RMA number which is required to begin the return process. Once we have received the returned products, we will inspect and test it to determine the issue. We will then return your product within 30 days. Note: Products returned under our Warranty policy must be unmodified and in original packaging. We reserve the right to refuse repairs or replacements for any products that are damaged, have been undone or opened and not in original form.

What is your warranty policy?

We provide a one (1) year warranty policy that starts at the date of shipment, with respect to hardware. Warranty is automatically voided if products are damaged by the user, have been undone or opened, or are not in its original form.


How many wireless sensors can be supported by the RSZGW-600 or RSZGW-600C Wireless Gateway?

Our wireless gateway can connect to up to 50 wireless sensors within its range.

What is the range of the Wireless Gateway?

Our wireless gateway has a max read range of 400 ft. Please keep in mind that obstructions such as doors or walls may affect the range.

Can I add additional sensors to the RadiantWatch wireless sensor system later on?

Yes, you can increase the number of sensors at any time. You can increase the number of wireless gateways as well.

What frequencies do the wireless sensors communicate on?

Our wireless sensors works on a free ISM band at frequencies of 2.4GHz.

How is sensor data protected during wireless transmission?

We use optional SSL (HTTPS) for transmitting sensor data to the cloud server.

What is the average life span of the battery in the wireless sensors?

The life span of the battery depends on the frequency of data transmission. On average for 5
minutes transmission intervals, the battery lasts about 5 years.

What should I do with my wireless sensor when the battery dies?

Our wireless sensors have field replaceable batteries. Simply take off the backing of the sensor then remove the old coin cell battery (CR2032) and replace it with a new one. Put the sensors backing in its place and the sensor is good to go!

What do I need to run the RadiantWatch wireless sensor system?

You will need a RSZGW-600 wireless gateway and RSTH-700 wireless sensor(s). In case of using the RSZGW-600 Wi-Fi gateway, you will need to have an existing Wi-Fi network in range of the gateway to communicate with the RadiantWatch cloud monitoring system. If using the RSZGW-600C cellular gateway, you will simply need to have a power source for your gateway. To use the RadiantWatch monitoring system, all you will need is an account and a PC or mobile to
access the account.

Will there be any interference from other wireless networks operating in the vicinity of my RadiantWatch wireless sensor network?

No, the RadiantWatch wireless sensor system is FCC and CE approved and has been used in restaurants, hospitals & pharmacies, office buildings, industrial warehouses, and more. All these places are filled with Wi-Fi networks, cellular phones, two way radios, etc. and our wireless sensors have never had problems transmitting data.

What is the size of the data packets being transmitted by the sensors to the gateway?

The packet size is less than 10 bytes. When transmitting from Gateway to cloud, it is about 1Kbyte (in HTTP mode) and 7Kbyte (in HTTPS mode).

How do I install the wireless sensors for my application?

There are many ways to mount or install our wireless sensors. Our sensors have a tether hole that will allow you to hang the sensor from anywhere. Also, we will provide you with foam or film adhesive, Velcro stickers, or magnets based on your application.

How do my wireless sensors connect to the monitoring software on the internet?

Our wireless sensors come ready to connect to the RSZGW-600 or RSZGW-600C internet gateway. Simply follow the set-up steps provided on our resource pages.

How will I know when I need to change the battery of my wireless sensor?

You can view the battery life of your wireless sensor on the RadiantWatch platform’s dashboard page. You can also set up alerts that will notify, via email or SMS, when your battery is ritically low.

Do RSZGW-600/RSZGW-600C gateways support HTTP proxies?

Yes, the latest version of our RSZGW-600/RSZGW-600C supports http proxies.


How do I turn OFF/ON email and text notifications for my sensors?

Go to your RadiantWatch account and select the location for which you want to manage notifications. You will then need to go to the Alerts page (link found on left-hand side). Here you will find the list of alerts that you have set up. Select the edit button for the alert you wish to turn off notifications. Once there, simple uncheck any notification boxes that are checked then be sure to click the ‘Update Alert’ button once you are done.

What happens to the data from my wireless sensors if the RSZGW-600/RSZGW-600C loses Wi-Fi or cellular connection or if these connections are disrupted?

When the gateway does not have Wi-Fi or cellular connection, it will stay in communication with the wireless sensors and can store 50,000 readings. This data will automatically be uploaded once connection is re-established.

Can I send sensor data from your database to my own platform?

Yes, we can provide you with a developer’s guide which will allow you to customize the data exchange between our gateway and your preferred application or IoT platform.

How secure are the communications on the wireless network?

Our gateway supports WPA2 for wireless encryption and SSL for data transferring to server.