Many companies rely on Radiant Watch’s technology to deliver reliable and actionable IoT based sensor data. Radiant Watch sells to wholesale distributors, authorized partners, installing dealers, vertical system integrators and private label strategic partners throughout the world.

In addition to providing you with our own branded products, we offer two distinctive engagement model to best suite your business requirement.

Private Labeling

Radiant Watch is pleased to private label our products with your own logo, name, and part number, enabling you to market your product without the associated costs and time of product development.

Embeddable Sub-assemblies

We welcome an opportunity to work with you in your research and development projects to integrate Radiant Watch technology in new ways. Radiant Watch offers sub-assemblies that can be embedded into your design, enabling you to manufacture the final product in your facility. Radiant Watch’s state-of-the-art IoT platform allows you to swiftly integrate your hardware to speed up your time to market.

What you will gain:

  • Integrate best-in-class IoT, sensors and RFID hardware to your solutions.
  • Increase your bottom line with innovative, reliable and cost effective products.
  • Tap into the ever-growing IoT and Sensor solutions built on Radiant Watch’s IoT platform.
  • Maintain your lead with ever increasing family of technology products.

To know more about our Partner Program, please contact us: