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Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Products

RadiantWatch IoT platform for real-time environmental visibility

Radiant Watch

RadiantWatch IoT platform delivers real-time environmental visibility like never before! You can view sensors, set alerts, respond to incidents and manage all aspects of your monitoring requirements through this robust and easy-to-use platform.

Radiantwatch IOT based Sensor Monitoring System


  • Immediate Alert notification via email, SMS text, phone call, audible/visual siren.
  • Easy to understand Dashboard Analytics allows you to view temperature logs, respond to alerts, run reports and view map in one place and in real-time.
  • Continuous, 24/7/365 real-time monitoring of critical parameters, with intelligent data logging.
  • Can operate in an offline mode by storing logs and act on its own when a pre-determined incident happens. Perfect for remote locations.
  • Report module allows for easy gathering, printing, and sharing of information
  • Easily configurable to your desires!
  • View your sensor activity through our multiple lenses, including a world map!
  • Set users, groups of users, locations, account names, user passwords, etc.
  • Sort your sensors based on what you want to see.

Mobile Applications

Our Mobile applications are tightly integrated with Radiant Watch IoT cloud platform.


Setup Wizard

Simple setup wizard makes it easy to install, use, and maintain.

Define Sensors

Name sensors and assign to locations or assets. Plug & play sensor deployment with no training required.

View Dashboard

View temperature logs, respond to alerts and incidents, run reports and view map in one place and in real-time.

Set Alerts

Immediate notification via your preferred alert method including email, SMS text, phone call, audible/visual siren.

Incident Manager

Keep record of readings, alarm incidents, acknowledgements and corrective actions for up to 10 years, enabling compliance to SOP, cGxP and 21 CFR part 11 among other standards.

Sensor Hardware

Our sensors and gateways will provide you with precise environment monitoring and 100% real-time visibility.
Radiant Sensors’ exclusive technology delivers devices with ultra-low power consumption (ULPW) which results in extended battery life. Its small size and superior performance will meet the needs of numerous applications. The hardware is designed to be plug & play and easy to use.
Take a look and see why our sensors are superior!

Temperature and Humidity Sensors
Temperature and Humidity Wi-Fi and Cellular Internet Gateways
Radiantwatch Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

RSTH-700 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Radiant Sensors RSTH-700 is proven to be a revolutionary wireless temperature and humidity sensor due to its incredibly small size, wireless communication and long battery life (over 5 years). RSTH-700’s internal RF antenna can transmit temperature and humidity data from inside of your refrigerator, freezer or even a trailer. The transmitted data will then reach the Radiant Watch IoT cloud through our RSZGW-600 internet gateway, or our RSZGW-600C cellular gateway.

Radiantwatch Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor for environmental monitoring and real-time visibility

RST-704  Wireless Temperature Sensor

The RST-704 is Radiant Sensors’ temperature sensor, developed to measure extreme temperatures and enhance transmission ranges so that your data reaches a desired IoT cloud platform, optimally Radiant Watch. The RST-704 transmits data via the RSZGW-600 or RSZGW-600C Internet Gateway, and using your facility’s existing Wi-Fi or a Cellular network. Radiant Watch allows you to have a real-time view of your data in different visual formats and set temperature conditions to get alerts via SMS or email.

RSPT-100 Wired Temperature Sensor

The RSPT-100 is a wired temperature sensor that can measure temperature with the range of -80° to 300° Celsius (-112 to +572 Fahrenheit). It is equipped with flexible built-in spring and 3 terminals for easy connection to the wireless internet gateway.

Radiantwatch Wired Temperature Sensor

Wi-Fi and Cellular Internet Gateways

RSZGW-600 is a Wi-Fi capable internet gateway designed to collect data from the RSTH-700 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor. One RSZGW-600 gateway can connect to an unlimited number of wireless sensors within its range. The RSTH-700 (along with RSZGW-600) brings the promise of IoT to a wide range of industries including healthcare, food, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, cold chain monitoring, building management systems and many more.

The RSZGW-600C is perfect for mobile or remote locations. This Cellular gateway, with built-in 3G/4G/LTE GPRS and a GPS tracking device, can give you freedom and dependability without relying on an internet connection.

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Radiantwatch Wi-Fi and Cellular Internet Gateways

Start-Up Kit

You may desire a trial of an environmental monitoring system before proceeding with full implementation. We have an easy-to-implement, ready-to-go kit that can quickly meet your requirement. Go ahead and order one. We are confident that you will come back for more. Includes one month of free monitoring!

RadiantWatch temperature and humidity sensors
RadiantWatch temperature and humidity internet gateway
Radiant Watch IoT Account

One month free monitoring!

RadiantWatch temperature and humidity monitoring IoT platform